Title: Pink and Fuzzy
Author: [livejournal.com profile] sophie_448
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Neal/Archie
Word Count: 1198
Warnings: graphic m/m sex, light bondage
Summary: Pretty much porn, top!Archie
Notes: unbeta'd, and experiment to see if this could actually be done.

The handcuffs were gag gift from Cook and Andy. They were pink and fuzzy and Archie had turned bright red when he pulled them out of the box, eyes wide. Cook and Andy cracked up, howling with laughter and leaning against each other for support. Neal glared at them darkly, silently vowing to kill them slowly if Archie broke up with him out of embarrassment. He also has to adjust his jeans a little when he thinks about Archie maybe using them on him, but that’s a thought best ignored.

They’ve been together for a year, having sex for six months. It had been hard to wait, but Neal’s not stupid. He knows this is a big deal for Archie. Archie hadn’t even admitted to himself that he was gay until he started liking Neal. It humbles Neal to think about it, how he’s Archie’s first everything, and it makes him careful. He’d been thrilled enough when Archie said he was ready that he was pretty much willing to go with whatever Archie was comfortable with. And it made sense for him to take the lead. He certainly wasn’t going to mention that he maybe possibly had a slight submissive streak. He loves Archie way more than he likes kinky sex anyway.

Later that night they’re in bed kissing and moving towards more when Archie pulls back. “I saw the way you looked at them,” he says.

“Looked at what?” he asks, confused.

Archie shoves a hand under his pillow and pulls out the handcuffs. “These.”

Neal swallows hard. “Oh.”

“Did you want to—?” Archie holds them out to him, his gaze trusting and steady. Neal can’t get over how this boy—man—can keep surprising him. A year ago he blushed if someone was even thinking about sex around him. Now here he is, fearlessly offering to let Neal cuff him to the bed. Neal figures he should man up and admit what he really wants.

“Actually,” he starts, then has to stop and clear his throat before continuing. “I kind of want you to—”

Archie looks confused for a moment, and then his eyes widen in realization. A shudder runs through his whole body, and he nods. “Yeah, okay.”

Before Neal’s fully processed that, Archie is straddling his hips and kissing him hard. He presses Neal’s arms back above his head, and damn this is hot. Archie ends the kiss and concentrates on the cuffs. He closes them around one wrist and then the other, threading them through a bar in the headboard. Neal is very glad for his wrought iron bed frame right about now. Then Archie sits back on his heels and just looks. Neal licks his lips. His throat is suddenly dry. He’s totally exposed and Archie could do anything he wants to him. He’s not really worried because, hello, it’s Archie, but just the thought of all those possibilities sends his blood rushing south.

Archie kisses him again, nibbles on his lower lip, and that’s new. He licks at the shell of Neal’s ear and bites lightly at the lobe. Archie’s never used teeth on him before unless it was an accident, but now it’s like someone flipped a switch. If Neal didn’t know better he’d say Archie was marking his territory or something. When he moves lower and sucks hard on that spot on Neal’s neck that makes him moan, Neal starts to wonder if he really does know better.

Archie slides down Neal’s body, dropping kisses at the hollow of his throat, along his collarbone and down his chest. He licks across a nipple, and Neal arches towards the touch. Archie bites gently. Neal sucks in a breath. “Fuck, Arch,” he breathes reverently. Archie slants a look up at him, one corner of his mouth twitching upwards. Then he returns to his task, alternating teeth and tongue until Neal is gasping out half formed pleas, but hell if he knows if it’s for more or for Archie to stop.

After he’s given equal attention to both nipples, Archie moves lower, kissing and licking across Neal’s stomach. He mouths at the trail of hair that leads somewhere Neal definitely wants Archie’s mouth, and he shifts his hips in anticipation. But it turns out Archie has a previously undiscovered love of teasing, because he seems determined to touch Neal everywhere except where he really wants him. He kisses up one thigh and down the other, running a hand over Neal’s calf. He licks along the crease of Neal’s hip and nips at his hipbone.

“Archie, fuck, please,” Neal begs.

Archie looks up at him, smiling again. “Please what?” he asks in a perfect imitation of his usual guilelessness.

Neal gapes, but before he can formulate a response Archie ducks his head and swallows Neal’s cock. He just barely keeps from thrusting up into Archie’s mouth. The wet heat surrounding him is so fucking good. He tries to move to run his hands through Archie’s hair, and he’s abruptly reminded of the cuffs when he can’t.

Once Neal’s pretty much forgotten his own name, Archie pulls off. He moves back up Neal’s body and kisses him, soft this time. He looks at Neal seriously. “Do you want—do you think I could—? I know we’ve never and it’s okay if you don’t want to.”

Neal stares at him, trying to figure out what he’s asking. When it hits him he has to bite his lip really hard not to fucking come right then. “No, I mean yes. Yes, I want,” he says.

That evil grin lights Archie’s face again. “Awesome.” He grabs the lube and a condom, and it turns out Archie really pays attention. He stretches Neal out slowly and thoroughly. It burns a little as he gets used to it. It’s been a long time since he’s done this.

When Archie slides inside, Neal’s eyes roll back in his head. He’d forgotten what this was like, letting someone inside. Even before Archie it wasn’t something he did with just anyone. His legs are hooked over Archie’s shoulders, and they’re chest to chest, and Neal would give just about anything to be able to wrap his arms around Archie right now, but those aren’t the rules. So he strains against the cuffs and lets Archie set a slow rhythm that drags along his prostate and sets off sparks behind his eyes every couple of thrusts. It’s not long before Archie speeds up, and Neal lifts his hips to meet him. After another minute Archie reaches between then and wraps a hand around Neal’s cock. He comes quickly and Archie’s collapsing on top of him, then sliding off to the side, as if his slight weight is going to crush Neal.

Archie reaches up and flicks the catch on the cuffs. Neal wraps his arms around Archie as soon as he’s free, drawing him close. “You are fucking amazing, you know that?” he says.

Archie laughs slightly, back to his usual adorable nervousness. “Oh gosh, that wasn’t too—?”

Neal shakes his head. “It wasn’t too anything except maybe too good. Thought you were gonna kill me.”

“Oh gosh,” Archie repeats.

Neal leans in and kisses him.

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so i remember this one time i couldn't stop laughing about the mental image of archie topping neal.

now um.




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Okay, this is definitely incredible hot, and well written and wonderful...and wow. I loved it!!!

That being said, (and trust me, loved it here) I still can't 100% see Archie as a top. Weird, I know, but I am stuck in my ways.

Still, I LOVE you for writing this. You need to write more in this fandom! You're fantastic. <3

Can I friend you, btw, so I never miss fic? I have issues keeping up with comm's...even my own, LOL.

From: [identity profile] sophie-448.livejournal.com

LOL no I really totally know what you mean. I mean, even with this it clearly isn't a regular thing for him. That's actually why I used the cuffs? Because I needed something concrete to change the power dynamic. Archie is really very bottomy. I just like ... have this reaction to whenever people start saying X is TOTALLY a top or Y is TOTALLY a bottom b/c I have THOUGHTS~ about topping and bottoming and stereotypes about sexual roles and um STUFF. And okay, you don't really need my whole ESSAY on the subject. The point is, I always feel compelled to write the opposite just to prove it can be done. Cause I'm contrary or something.

I'm really glad you liked it! And thank you! You are too kind.

But actually, I kind of hate having friends, so ...


From: [identity profile] thebiggest-lie.livejournal.com

Actually, I would love to hear all of your thoughts on this. I am a big fan of meta.

See, I am usually anti putting one person in a specific role. 95% of my ships are ~flexible. Maybe one tops more than the other, but I do believe there is a give and take with most relationships, at least time to time.

Archie; for me it isn't about him being smaller, or younger, or falling into a stereotype. It's about Archie's personality. I do believe that bottoms have more control and power than people give them credit for (especially with how much care a top has to put into their role) but that being said, there is a different sort of control and power that comes with topping, and I just see Archie as someone who would have a lot of trouble feeling comfortable constantly having to make sure someone is all right. He is the nervous sort, and would be so worried about hurting the person, about not doing it right, that I think it would take him an incredibly long time to feel comfortable in that role. Which is why I have trouble picturing him topping with anybody unless there were specific circumstances, or they were together for quite a long time.

I loved the way you built it here, with them having been together for a while, and with that sense of vulnerability on Neal's part when it comes to asking.

Neal is someone who I have trouble picturing bottoming, for the same reason I can't picture Archie topping. I think it would take a lot of comfort, and love for Neal to give up that control. I think for him, it would be like giving himself to someone completely, and it wouldn't be easy for him to do; to admit he trusts and loves someone that much. That being said, I am craving to write an incredibly emotion Cookmann where Neal bottoms, where Cook keeps asking him, and Neal keeps saying no, until Cook figures out why Neal is so against it...that it has more to do with emotions that preferences.

and OMG, I just wrote you an essay. SORRY, haha.

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OMG NO, don't be sorry!

This, all of it, it's like you PULLED IT FROM MY BRAIN re: Neal and Archie. I just ... MTE.

And since you encouraged my madness, a few further thoughts on the whole bottoming/topping ISSUE. One of my big BIG issues is that a LOT of writers (and, hey, also just people out and about) tend to conflate topping or bottoming in terms of power dynamics with the physical act of penetration and that is ... not correct. Which isn't to say there isn't something very powerful about that act, but it's not the be all, end all (just ask a lesbian!) and it is totally possible to bottom from the top or top from the bottom. And I feel like fandom (not ours in particular, but like, in general) as a mostly female and (probably) mostly straight group are sometimes not careful about representations of gay male sex. Of course, not all fanfic needs to be or should be realistic. That would defeat the point of fanfic. But in terms of this issue specifically, well ... let's say it's a bug in my bonnet :-P

And I feel like I should qualify that this is mostly not related to anything I've seen on _etc. I've been in fandom a while, and SPN fandom is ... considerably more, um, broad in its tastes. So this is like ... my fandom baggage or something, lol.

From: [identity profile] thebiggest-lie.livejournal.com

Yes, I do think you are correct on fandom in general. I came from bandom before this, and that was probably the most well informed fandom I have ever set foot in. There was a lot of flexibility in almost every single pairing, and I adored that about it.

Speaking as a bi-sexual (leaning towards women) woman, who in my teen years had more gay friends than straight (by a large ratio...I spent every friday night at a teen gay club) I feel like I may have a bit of a better understanding than the general person in fandom, so I guess I try to give leeway to other writers? I don't know if I am making sense, I am rather tired, lol.

I think there should always be a stride to realistically portray people as people, even in the most AU of AU's. In the end, we are basing them off of people, and it should show. My point being that, this has every right to be an issue for you ficwise.

I think I will stop now though, because I am fairly certain my thoughts are not coming out coherently, haha. :D

From: [identity profile] sophie-448.livejournal.com

IDK if I give leeway to people? I think it depends on how much I like other aspects of the fic, concept, writing style, etc. if I'm willing to let stuff slide a little bit. But I'm all about don't like don't read. If something bothers me, I'll just back button to a corner of the internet I like better.

*SEKRIT BISEXUAL HANDSHAKE TIME* by which I mean, hey me too!

ANYWAYS! you should get some rest or something! Been fun essaying with you :-D

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I know I'm totally late to the party here, lol, but you must write this Cookmann fic! I can totally see where you're going with this, and I bet it would be great.


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I don't even read this pairing! BUT I WAS DRAWN IN BY TOP?ARCHIE AND THAT WAS HOT.

I still don't ship it though, okay? Well maybe a little...

From: [identity profile] sophie-448.livejournal.com

LOL I am such a cookleta shipper! But then this weird THING happened where I jumped into the Neal AP and I wrote some Neal/Archie for a couple of requests and suddenly Neal was like the most awesome thing on the planet. So now I don't OTP so much as TTP. OR ... actually ... idk, this fandom. I will read a lot of different stuff.


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Yeah. I would like to leave you the well-written feedback that this story deserves, but I can't find it in the puddle where my brain used to be.

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#$#@$$@! WUTTT?!! TOP!ARCHIE.

From: [identity profile] sophie-448.livejournal.com

LOL YAY! *WINS* GLAD YOU LIKED IT BB! <33333333333333333333

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OMG. This is totally totally awesome. I was a little surprised by the premise, but it turned out awesome. Believable and hot and really good. Totally saved to reread later. Loved it.

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