This is a bit of an odd request, but I know I can count on you guys not to think I'm too weird, right?

Okay, so who remembers a few years ago (2008 to be precise) when there was a, probably ill-conceived, attempt to create a literary magazine style anthology for SPN fandom known as "No Stairway"?

Fandom ... really didn't take it well. There was one issue published and then no more was heard from No Stairway.

If you remember it, did you make a post commenting on it? Positive, negative, neutral, doesn't matter. And/or do you happen to have any links lurking in your bookmarks of other people who made public posts commenting on it. I've managed to turn up a few posts with some judicious googling, but not enough for my purposes.

What are my purposes, you ask? Well, I'm in the midst of writing my masters thesis right now, and the subject is, you guessed it, fandom. Basically, what I'm looking at is how we deal with things when there's conflict and trying to perhaps come up with why we, as a lumpy, not-at-all-unified community respond to certain things in certain ways. i.e. what do we value as a community of writers/creators/crazy fangirls that meant we (collective we) did not hop on board with the idea of an anthology?

Reassurances! I won't be using anyone's LJ names. I may quote selectively from the entries, but the only people who are likely to ever read this are my professors, who I suspect have better things to do than track down fangirls by googling random quotes.

Anyway, if you recall any such entries, I would be FOREVER in your debt if you shared them. Thank you! (For reference, any such entries would most likely have occurred between January and June 2008.)
I know you don't see me around SPN fandom much anymore. Okay, okay, at all really. (I'm not dead, I'm resting!) But something's come up that I think as many people as possible should be aware of.

So, you know Zazzle, right? (Like CafePress only better, but less successful). Well, eons ago (I'm fairly sure it was mid 2007) I created some products on there. Most of them I made just for myself, ordered them, and called it a day. But while I was making stuff, I did make one keychain that I decided to put up for public sale in their "marketplace." I didn't put it up to make money (I've made less than a dollar from it in three years), I just thought people might like it, so why not?

The key chain in question was simple black with white text. The text read "Metallicar!" And as we all know, the word metallicar is a fan-coined term. Therefore, I felt I had every right to use it with no fear of legal repercussions. And the fact that it remained public for three years seems to support that.

However, yesterday I got an email from Zazzle informing me that someone had made an intellectual property claim, and that the product was being taken down since it was in violation of their policies.

In which corporate America is skeevy )
Title: Detroit
Author: [ profile] sophie_448
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: implied Sam/Dean
Word Count: 405
Warnings: Spoilers for 5x04, Heavy angst
Summary: Sam didn't die in Detroit. He said yes.
Notes: Lightning fast beta by [ profile] waterofthemoon ♥♥♥

In 2012, Dean finally changes his cell number )
Title: Simply This
Author: [ profile] sophie_448
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Word Count: 502
Warnings: wincest, graphic m/m sex, schmoop, unbeta'd
Summary: A little bit of morning sex, that's all.
Notes: For [ profile] waterofthemoon who saved me today at the evil company picnic by sending me awesome, wincestuous text messages. Seriously, darling, I would not have made it without you! I would have taken a flying leap into the river. ♥ x a billionty!

Lips pressed against eyelids, nose, chin, cheeks, soft like a whisper )

Title: Secrets and Lies
Author: [ profile] sophie_448
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Word Count: 345
Warnings: SPOILERS for episode 4.01, wincest, somewhat graphic m/m sex, unbeta'd
Summary: A brief little missing scene from last night's premiere. Don't know how this one hit the cutting room floor. *g*

Secrets and Lies )



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