So I did that drabble meme. You know, the one where you put your itunes on shuffle and write a ficlet to each song for the duration of the song? Except I totally cheated. Many times I repeated the song and continued writing, and also I shuffled through until I found songs I actually wanted to write to. I know, shocking! Really I just realized that I hadn't written anything in FOREVER, so I figured it would be a good jumping off point.

Pairings: J2, Cookleta, Neal/Archie, Cookmann, Cook/OFC (implied), Joe/Nick (yes, the Jonas Brothers. I know, SHAAAAME), Nick/Archie
Ratings: PG-R (labeled individually)
Warnings: incest, underage (17), alcohol abuse, implied bombing, unbeta'd, Jonas Brothers
Word Count: 2181 total

Click here for fic of varying shame levels )
Title: Pink and Fuzzy
Author: [ profile] sophie_448
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Neal/Archie
Word Count: 1198
Warnings: graphic m/m sex, light bondage
Summary: Pretty much porn, top!Archie
Notes: unbeta'd, and experiment to see if this could actually be done.

Neal certainly wasn’t going to mention that he maybe possibly had a slight submissive streak )
Title: Like a Woman (Fairy Tale Remix)
Author: [ profile] sophie_448
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: J2
Word Count: 1092
Warnings: Genderwap, surprise!het (yeah, idk either)
Summary: Jared gets turned into a girl, and after that things really get weird.
Notes: Written for [ profile] j2_remix. Original story: Woman Like a Man by [ profile] rhythmsextion Hope you like it! Beta by the ever patient and wonderful [ profile] waterofthemoon whom I owe so many cookies the world could not contain them all.

When she wakes up, she’s still a girl, but everything is different. )
Title: Summer Vacation
Author: [ profile] sophie_448 and [ profile] clex_monkie89
Rating: PG
Pairing: J2
Word Count: 306
Warnings: schmoop
Summary: Jared and Jensen on the beach.
Notes: Beta'd by [ profile] waterofthemoon

Jared and Jensen are on a secluded beach somewhere  )
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( Nov. 1st, 2008 03:14 pm)
Word Count: 274

Just a little snippet of JDM/Jared for [ profile] celtic_cookie. PG-13 or so. Let this constitute a general warning for anything I may produce this month. Unbeta'd and essentially unedited. Read at your own risk!

Boy!touching )

Title: To Wake a Captive Dreamer
Author: [ profile] sophie_448
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Jared/Jensen, Chris/Steve, implied Chad/Sophia
Word Count: 27,234
Beta: [ profile] hunterwithcause
Warnings: graphic m/m sex, potentially disturbing description of past sexual assault
Notes: Written for [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang
Summary: Once upon a time (ten years ago to be precise) something terrible happened to Jensen. He’s been dealing with it, or failing to deal with it, ever since. His best friend, Chris, takes care of him and Steve takes care of Chris. They’re one precariously balanced little family who also happen to play in a band together. When Jared becomes their new bassist, everything changes. An unorthodox retelling of Sleeping Beauty.


To Wake a Captive Dreamer )



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