So I did that drabble meme. You know, the one where you put your itunes on shuffle and write a ficlet to each song for the duration of the song? Except I totally cheated. Many times I repeated the song and continued writing, and also I shuffled through until I found songs I actually wanted to write to. I know, shocking! Really I just realized that I hadn't written anything in FOREVER, so I figured it would be a good jumping off point.

Pairings: J2, Cookleta, Neal/Archie, Cookmann, Cook/OFC (implied), Joe/Nick (yes, the Jonas Brothers. I know, SHAAAAME), Nick/Archie
Ratings: PG-R (labeled individually)
Warnings: incest, underage (17), alcohol abuse, implied bombing, unbeta'd, Jonas Brothers
Word Count: 2181 total

Click here for fic of varying shame levels )
Title: Like a Woman (Fairy Tale Remix)
Author: [ profile] sophie_448
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: J2
Word Count: 1092
Warnings: Genderwap, surprise!het (yeah, idk either)
Summary: Jared gets turned into a girl, and after that things really get weird.
Notes: Written for [ profile] j2_remix. Original story: Woman Like a Man by [ profile] rhythmsextion Hope you like it! Beta by the ever patient and wonderful [ profile] waterofthemoon whom I owe so many cookies the world could not contain them all.

When she wakes up, she’s still a girl, but everything is different. )
Title: Summer Vacation
Author: [ profile] sophie_448 and [ profile] clex_monkie89
Rating: PG
Pairing: J2
Word Count: 306
Warnings: schmoop
Summary: Jared and Jensen on the beach.
Notes: Beta'd by [ profile] waterofthemoon

Jared and Jensen are on a secluded beach somewhere  )


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