Enabling custom comment pages on here until there's some fix for LJ's fuckwittery. I know they're not the best for reading, but I actually can't look at the new default comment pages without getting a headache. ?style=mine if you just can't stand my weird Stargate theme ;-)

From: [identity profile] carolion.livejournal.com

omg! I didn't even know you had a Stargate theme because I always use ?style=mine on my f-list when I'm browsing, but this is delightful! :D :D :D I love it!!! LOL.

Aren't the new comment pages awful? D: WHY DO THEY TAKE FOREVER TO LOAD? WHY IS EVERYTHING STUPID? D: D:

From: [identity profile] sophie-448.livejournal.com

haha, yeah I've had it for ages. I think my very favorite thing is the little gates in place of userheads ;-)

GOD IDEK. Who the fuck thought any part of it was a good idea? I'm hoping that someone comes up with a script to fix it, because I don't trust LJ to actually come through with the opt out anytime soon. The old comment pages were like my place of zen. Or something. I still have a couple of tabs loaded with the old pages. I may or may not be gazing at them in sad longing.

From: [identity profile] kskitten.livejournal.com

Ugh, what's with the ugly? Do not understand.

From: [identity profile] engel82.livejournal.com

Oh your layout is gorgous!!! I don't think I ever saw it before!


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